South Dakota State University

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Vision, Mission, & Core Values


As a leading land-grant university, South Dakota State University champions the public good through engaged learning, bold and innovative research and creative activities, and stewardship within a global society.


South Dakota State University offers a rich academic experience in an environment of inclusion and access through inspired, student-centered education, creative activities and research, innovation and engagement that improve the quality of life in South Dakota, the region, the nation and the world

Core Values

  • Excellence in learning, discovery and engagement
  • Passion for the institutional mission
  • Improved quality of life for the people and communities of South Dakota, the nation and the world
  • Appreciation for academic, scientific and humanitarian achievements
  • Curiosity and innovation
  • Acceptance and embracement of diverse cultures and perspectives
  • Civility, integrity and trustworthiness
  • Transparency in decision-making and information-sharing
  • Fiscal and programmatic accountability
  • Economic and environmental sustainability